I’ve been weirdly tired again this week – a lot more so than normally. I can barely stay up for 8-10 hours before feeling like I absolutely need to get some more sleep :( When I do sleep, I haven’t really woken up feeling rested and refreshed. (Not that I ever do, really, these days, but at least I feel less tired when I wake than I did when I went to sleep.) Incidentally, Crohn’s symptoms have been a little worse this week too. Just had a big battery of blood test 3-4 weeks ago, and hemoglobin was okay… not great, but okay, unless there’s been drastic change in it, that shouldn’t be it.

Been getting back to fanlistings a little bit.Managed to integrate Enthusiast and WordPress so I can show collective pages (Joined, Owned) through WordPress :D http://magical.crystalfires.net/

Apparently there’s no Jeri Ryan fanlisting anymore… though I could swear I came across it a few weeks ago, still owned by the person whom I adopted it out to. But it isn’t listed at TFL anymore. Been trying to track down the URL, but it’s not in my e-mails and google only seems to come up with the URL it had while I owned it *sigh*

Computer Woes Over Again – New Laptop Is Here!

Got my new laptop yesterday  (it’s Asus G750JM), and it’s very lovely :D Very quiet and cool to the touch even after hours of usage, and the best monitor of any of my old laptops ever. The keyboard also feels better than in my last one. It even has one empty hard drive bay, and one empty memory slot :D Thank you Mom for the wonderful gift!

The only problem was Asus Splendid thingy which turned colors very warm, orangy but once I figured out that was what was causing it and uninstalled it, colors are now normal :D

I’m going to install the new hard drive I bought just a few months ago for the old laptop into the spare slot in this new one, but run into a problem with the screws in the old laptop’s hard drive bay thingy. Just need to get them unstuck – may need to buy new screwdrivers (my old ones I think aren’t sharp enough anymore) and/or go with it somewhere with the proper tools to get them unstuck.


Computer Woes Update – New Laptop Ordered

We ordered a new laptop yesterday; it’ll take up to 3 days for them to deliver it so maybe I’ll get it tomorrow but more likely after the weekend.

Until I get the new laptop, there won’t be any screencap uploads – this laptop can’t handle capping anymore, or things like sorting lots of photos/caps or programs such as Photoshop without over-heating. Right now I’m limited to light stuff like browsing, online banking and e-mail.