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No Internet For A While

The ISP switch didn’t go as planned 😥 Contacted my new ISP today and heard that propably next week it’ll be activated. So I’ll be mostly offline for several days – the mobile phone’s Internet is really only good on the phone’s and the tablet – on the laptop it craps out. Can’t even read text sites on the laptop. So everything is on hold until I get a working ADSL connection again.

Think I’ll look at this as a vacation…

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Switching ISPs

I’m switching ISPs this week. My old Internet connection will be shut-down tomorrow Wednesday the 31st of August, and the new ISP should turn it on on Thursday the 1st of September. Hopefully all goes to plan and there won’t be a connectionless period longer than those few hours, but I’ve had some delays happen in the past when switching ISPs so if I disappear for a bit, this is why. I do have Internet on my mobile, but it’s slow and not much good for anything more than e-mails and posting a quick note about problems on sites and light stuff like that. Certainly not for uploading caps or troubleshooting problems so all that will have to wait until I got my ADSL again.

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