February 28, 2011 - Ariane - Comments Off on Ch-cha-changes Complete! - Fansite News

Hah, it was a lot easier to accomplish what I wanted than I thought πŸ˜€

This site is now run by WordPress, and will be my main site. Meaning all personal posts I will now post here originally instead of Dreamwidth. In addition, this site also gets all the posts from my screencaps site Fading Tomorrow and creative posts from my creative site Crystal Dreams. I’m using FeedWordPress to import the RSS feeds from those two sites,so it all happens automatically.

Also, a note Fading Tomorrow: I’m now also using FeedWordPress to collect and automatically crosspost screencap posts from all my various sites: Jeri Ryan, Star Trek, Stargate, Xena etc. The benefit of this automation is that I only need to update the originating site, such as the Star Trek site, and once it’s done there, the new post(s) will automatically be picked by Fading Tomorrow, instead of me having to go manually update Fading Tomorrow like I’ve been doing up until now. Which I didn’t always do. This removes one step from the process entirely, which means all screencap notices from those sites will go up at Fading Tomorrow in a timely manner (instead of days later when I get to it!) πŸ˜€

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