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Domain Renewal/Transfer Problems

So two of my domains, and, need to be renewed now and I’ve run into a problem – I want to move their registration away from Netfirms (because they’re expensive, and also charge me for VAT now although by the law of my country, I don’t have to pay it for such small fees because I’m not a companyt/organization but they charge it automatically when one lives in the EU area instead of in the US. And the VAT they would charge if I renew them on netfirms, makes it way too expensive for me) and have done that with other domains before without any problems before, including Netfirms -> elsewhere transfer.

But this time I’m having trouble – I believe it’s because of Netfirms changed their control panel to a new platform/version, and for some reasons the domain transfer authorization e-mails aren’t always getting through to me. Both domains failed to transfer to and at the same time I discovered something off about so I’m not going to try with them again.

I’ve ordered transfer of both domains to and so far, both domains seem to process the transfer ok – at least I got all the authorization e-mails (although after a delay), and as I write this, at least has proceeded to the actual transfer of the domain information from Netfirms to Namecheap step, and the next step is that Netfirms need to release it – but if that process doesn’t work as it should because of a bug in the new control panel/platform, it’ll propably fail again.

Keeping fingers crossed it all goes well, but in case it doesn’t – I’ll renew them at Netfirms if I absolutely have to but I won’t be happy about it, at all.

Anyway, this is to tell you that these two domains might expire for a bit, depending on how the transfers to Namecheap go or not go, as the case may be. If they go as they should, no problems and no expiry. But because on there’s only 11 days left before expiration, and on 16 days when I’m writing this, and domain transfers take several days to complete – especially because I’m not getting the necessary e-mails as quickly as I should so there’s some delay because of that – so while all the transfering is attempted, it might take enough days to complete all the required steps that if it doesn’t work in the end, the domains might expire before I’m able to renew them at their old home Netfirms.

Wish I’d had started the process a month ago, with more days left before expiry, but I’d never had any problems transfering from one registrar to another, and so didn’t anticipate to have problems this time either 🙁