July 10, 2012 - Ariane - Comments Off on Fanfiction.net Is Actually Alive! - ff.net

Hell has frozen over – the management of fanfiction.net is actually alive! They have setup a blog and twitter and are actually answering and fixing some things users have reported broken! http://blog.fictionpress.com

It never occurred to me they’d ever do that! It’s been 10 years of silence. And no – I don’t count the notices on the front page which were always posted after something was broken and it had been fixed hours/days/weeks/months after the breakage. They never posted to say “yes, we know X is broken, we’re working on it” even if it took days or weeks to fix it 🙁 So I don’t (didn’t?) count the front page.

Although it remains to be seen whether they’ll really listen to their users and roll back changes we don’t like (like the new review box and ready-ticked-favorite-story-author-boxes) or add things we do want like bring back the MA-rating.

Oh, and I hope this new age of communication between fanfiction.net and their users will be a lasting feature, not an anomaly that lasts for a month or two.

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