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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I can’t stand Negan and this write up by sums up all the reasons why.

I’ve always enjoyed TWD, even the not-so-good seasons had bits and pieces I liked but the current season and all the characters are in every way so tied up with Negan that the whole show is getting ruined. All the eps with Negan have been a chore to get through, and I’m having problems with this last one. For the first time ever I’m tempted to to just drop it, especially now that I just read that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has confirmed that Negan will be appearing in the next season too :/

I’m just so sad that TPTB had to go and ruin a good show 🙁 I’ll miss the characters (who are not Negan) and the world if I give up on it, but Negan annoys me so much.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oded Fehr’s going to be on Stitchers, as a regular/semi-regular/recurring is my impression. So I watched first two episodes and here are my thoughts. No spoilers.


The premise is interesting if not entirely original (Tru Calling came right to mind) and right up my alley… but everything else so far sucks IMHO. I’m not sure whether it’s trying to be a comedy or a drama, the main character is unrelatable and cold, no one can act (especially the guest stars on episode 2) except maybe the girl who plays the room mate (I’d have loved for her to play the main character) and it’s like everyone is rushing through their lines/scenes in an effort to create a feeling of excitement and urgency.

I think I read somewhere that Oded will appear first in episode 9 (I could be wrong) and frankly, I’ll be surprised if the show makes it that far. If things don’t get better, Oded will elevate the show by about 150% simply by sharing space with the other actors – he won’t even have to say anything! If things don’t improve, in my book, this is the second worst thing Oded’s been in; only Drool is worse (I never did make it through that one). I’m actually kind of surprised that he signed on, but maybe the project looked different on page…

In a weird way, it overall reminds me of those sort of campy 1990s scifi tv shows like Sliders and The Sentinel, with the exception that those had their own brand of charm which isn’t a bad thing because I very much enjoyed them. Just that I don’t really see much charm in this one. Had this been made in the 1990s I think I would’ve been completely happy with it. But a decade of shows like Lost, Battlestar Galactica, The 100, Fringe… I expect more.

… Just my .02 cents.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The X Files is coming back as “a six-episode limited series”, helmed by Chris Carter.


I… don’t know whether I’m ecstatic or horrified.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thought it’s time for a health & misc stuff update… Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Today is the day: no more new original Law & Order episodes are left to show. TV2 aired the series finale today.

I have loved or at least enjoyed the show from the very start. It’s been the (almost) weekly staple of my tv week for 21 years, especially the last 5 years or so that I’ve been watching less and less tv on tv because of repeats and re-repeats and re-re-repeats and tv series that get dropped without showing all of it so that it feels like if that if I want to see anything new and/or all of it, I need to get it online instead of watching it on tv. Law & Order has been the one exception to that – it was one tv series I was pretty sure would be shown to the end instead of just dropped in the middle. And they did 🙂

When they started showing it here back in 1991, I was just 17. I grew up with it. It’s one I’ve always made sure to never miss, and one I used to loyally tape on VHS back in the early seasons. If some day I can afford them, I’m going to buy the season 1-5 DVDs (my favorite era) but I have a long wishlist, and they’re not a high priority. Just a “would be nice to own ’cause I love them” 🙂

Feels unreal and weird, not having the original Law & Order on next week, or to look forward to after it’s been on a break – it’s always been there. I thought there was a decline in story quality some seasons back, but the last few seasons, I enjoyed the stories and characters again so I’m sad to see it go, I think it still had a lot of life in it left 🙁

Goodbye, Law & Order, I’m going to miss you! 🙁

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So something weird’s been going on with season 7 of Supernatural. Except for the season premiere, all the episodes have been missing some integral part that make them, I don’t know, feel “real” and “Supernatural” to me. For nearly all of the eps, I have felt like the season big bad and huge problem, Leviathans, are ignored. Like they created such a huge threat that they don’t want to deal with it and are doing everything they can to side step around the issue. But because Crawley keeps the demons away from the brothers, there’s nothing really interesting going on anymore and we get things like the mentalists and deranged fangirls marrying Sam. And even though everything written and acted well enough and there’s is absolotely nothing that I can point to and say “that is badly done”, there’s some critical component missing that I cannot identify, and it is that missing element that makes it seem not real to me. So much so that I’ve been starting to wonder about not watching the show anymore and I don’t want that because it only one of its kind. So I have persevered. And was rewarded…

Just finished watching Supernatural episode 7.15 Repo Man right now, and it’s like this is the first real episode since The Girl Next Door! 😀 And it was better than any previous S7 episode, even the premiere! I enjoyed it a lot! 😀 It felt like watching a season 2 or 3 episode 😀 I hope this is a mark of things to come, and not just an aberration in the season. I felt like I had my show back! I really, really want to enjoy the rest of the season just like this episode!

Monday, November 14, 2011

These “Chuck’s Supernatural books fans” stories have always been boring, uncomfortable and awful as far as I’m concerned. I guess they’re suppose to be a nod to fandom, in-joke or whatever but I hate them. And this last outing is the worst of them all! Sam’s abducted and abused by a creepy, phychotic woman and… I suppose it’s played as funny??? I think that’s what it’s supposed be, but all I got out of it is that BECKY IS CREEPY AND SCARIER THAN ANY DEMON/GOD/OTHER PARA AND/OR SUPERNATURAL ENTITY in ANYTHING ANYWHERE EVER AND SHOULD BE LOCKED AWAY SOMEWHERE  SO THAT SHE CAN’T HURT ANYONE and THIS IS EN EMBARRASING EPISODE IF I WAS PART OF THE CAST AND CREW ETC. I WOULD NOT WANT MY NAME ANYWHERE NEAR IT.

Not even Crowley could save the episode.

And another thing – I hate that casual viewers get yet another distorted presentation of what being a “fan” and part of fandom is. No wonder people not involved in fandom tend to think we are lunatics and loosers.

This episodes goes onto my “avoid at all cost” list. It’s horrible.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I know I’ve ranted about this before but it keeps coming up every once in a while so…

Is it so damn hard to crasp that people actually exist who don’t give a flying fuck about shipping and pairings and OTPs – and to consider that just maybe not all wallpapers featuring two characters in it mean that I, the maker, must ship that pairing? Oh, and better yet, then get apoplectic because I have dared to make wallpapers pairing  – your word, not mine – Character A not only with Character B but also with other people????????? Stupid shippers. Oh, and while we’re at it… no, “Todd smut” doesn’t automatically mean it’s Todd/Sheppard. There are other characters than Sheppard (and McKay), you know, or I can even make up !GASP! an OC or two if I want to. I don’t like Sheppard (yes !GASP! that is possible!)  You don’t want me to write Sheppard; you would not like the result. And nor would I.

On other news. Watched Rachel Weisz’s The Whistleblower today. A very good, but hard movie to watch. But also a very necessary one.

Amazing Rachel Weisz was closed by its owner a few days ago due to personal reasons. She first gave me the chance to download everything I wanted. Which I did, and have uploaded to my Rachel site. It was a fabulous RW site,and I’m so glad Natalie didn’t just close it – it’d been a huge loss to fandom.

But it made me feel like a Borg – AMR was the fifth fansite (although 1st RW fansite) I have taken over when the original owner could not maintain it anymore. I’m very glad to be trusted and able to do that, but at the same time I’m feeling like I’m the Borg and take over all my favorite fansites/subjects. Sometimes it would be great to just be one of many, not the only, fan producing content (by which I mean photos, video clips, wallpapers, screencaps, icons etc. things that require actually making or scanning content). Luckily there is at least one still  more or less up-to-date fansite for Rachel. So at least I’m not literally the only one this time. But yeah.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just watched the season finale of The Borgias and… how on earth did they manage to make it boring, considering the subject matter?! The first couple of episodes were okay and seemed to promise excitement and dark things to come. But somehow, by episode four, they had diluted it 🙁 And each episode thereafter was more boring than the one before. Almost didn’t make it through episode 9. Sometimes it felt they were actually making a comedy but that never lasted for more than a scene and then it was back to half-hearted intrigue. And Cesare? He should be a really interesting character, but instead he’s a total yawn fest – and swings around from one characterization to another and yet another depending on what the plot requires of him. Ugh.

I hear there will be a second season. At this point, the costuming is pretty much the only reason to tune in.

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