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Morena Baccarin & Lucy Lawless Sites – DNS propagation slow

I’m trying to my self-hosted sites to a new host (the old one started having issues with stats as in showing zero used bandwidth – I know from WordPress and Coppermine stats that’s not true – and also various page links being broken in WHM/cPanel). I moved first and updated name servers on Monday morning on Namecheap. I just checked and it’s still not resolving ;/ Usually it’s taken only like 30-90 minutes, over-night at the longest.  This did happen once before, but I can’t remember which domain and whether I had to had Namecheap and/or my host do something *head desk*

So I got a thing this afternoon that I got to go to, then I’ll see if I can’t figure what’s taking so long…

Also, the same thing seems to be happening with


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Gave Up Game Of Thrones Fan

I have given up Game Of Thrones Fan and put it up for adoption. I love the series as much as ever, and I can’t wait for season 2. BUT, I find myself avoiding spoilers and wanting to go totally fresh and not knowing anything in advance into the new season (so much so that I decided to not even read the other books after reading the first one in the series).

This makes updating the site impossible, so I’m gave it up.

In other news, this problem with, and has been cropping up intermitedly ever since the first time and is back today too 🙁 It seems to be happening on weekends.

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Reading Failure

In the past two weeks, I’ve gotten about a dozen e-mails/wp comments/ twitter messages from people thinking that the site or the twitter account is run and maintained by the celebrity themselves :< These sort of messages come in every once in a while, it’s been fleeding these lately.

Why do so many people fail at reading??!! On most of my fansites I have something like “this is an unofficial fansite for [Insert Celebrity Name]” tagged on the header and also “This is a completely unofficial fansite – the owner is in no contact with neither [Insert Celebrity Name], their management or family in any way what-so-ever.” spelled out in the footer or the sidebar. But judging by the e-mails I get, a number of people read it mean exactly the opposite and send me e-mails and questions thinking they’ll get to speak with the celebrity her/himself *head desk*

Feels like I should start saying “official” instead because the way it’s going, it’s like they’re automatically interpret it to mean the opposite and that no, I really don’t have any contact with [Insert Celebrity Name] :/

Same goes for fansite twitters. Don’t people read the site name or account name and the description at all, or do they see only the letters forming the name of  [Insert Celebrity Name], and never ever even accidentally see anythingat all that is screaming at them from the page that it’s not the [Insert Celebrity Name]’s own offical site or official twitter account???????!!!! Like the words unofficial and fansite and I’m not [Insert Celebrity Name]???????

I’m tired of explaining the same thing over and over and over, but I think it’s rude not to reply legimate comments and questions (by which I mean those that are not clearly spam) so if I don’t, I feel bad.

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Health Update

So I’ve now had all the tests ordered by the infections specialist; nothing was found and no reason for the chronic diarrhea. Removing the two bad teeth has had no effect at all on the CRP levels which continue to be slightly elevated. They decided to refer me to Gastro in case they think they should check me. I was checked by the Gastro but that was about 5 months before the chronic diarrhea started, and was because of the bad hemoglobin.

So now I’m in line for the MRI of the small intestine in October. Yay fun. I guess I should hope they’ll find someting that explains the chronic diarrhea and that can be treated, no matter what it is. I’m pretty sure I’ve this particular thing done already once, but I can’t remember whether it was for the hemoglobin or the diarrhea. But if they want to keep examining me, let them… it’d be nice to have a real explanation.

Huh. I just noticed that categories on the right don’t work. I’ll look into that. EDIT: and now they have disappeared???

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Fanfic, Shippers & The Whistleblower

I know I’ve ranted about this before but it keeps coming up every once in a while so…

Is it so damn hard to crasp that people actually exist who don’t give a flying fuck about shipping and pairings and OTPs – and to consider that just maybe not all wallpapers featuring two characters in it mean that I, the maker, must ship that pairing? Oh, and better yet, then get apoplectic because I have dared to make wallpapers pairing  – your word, not mine – Character A not only with Character B but also with other people????????? Stupid shippers. Oh, and while we’re at it… no, “Todd smut” doesn’t automatically mean it’s Todd/Sheppard. There are other characters than Sheppard (and McKay), you know, or I can even make up !GASP! an OC or two if I want to. I don’t like Sheppard (yes !GASP! that is possible!)  You don’t want me to write Sheppard; you would not like the result. And nor would I.

On other news. Watched Rachel Weisz’s The Whistleblower today. A very good, but hard movie to watch. But also a very necessary one.

Amazing Rachel Weisz was closed by its owner a few days ago due to personal reasons. She first gave me the chance to download everything I wanted. Which I did, and have uploaded to my Rachel site. It was a fabulous RW site,and I’m so glad Natalie didn’t just close it – it’d been a huge loss to fandom.

But it made me feel like a Borg – AMR was the fifth fansite (although 1st RW fansite) I have taken over when the original owner could not maintain it anymore. I’m very glad to be trusted and able to do that, but at the same time I’m feeling like I’m the Borg and take over all my favorite fansites/subjects. Sometimes it would be great to just be one of many, not the only, fan producing content (by which I mean photos, video clips, wallpapers, screencaps, icons etc. things that require actually making or scanning content). Luckily there is at least one still  more or less up-to-date fansite for Rachel. So at least I’m not literally the only one this time. But yeah.

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Mom + Fansites + Internet Connection

Mom’s operation went well and she got back home yesterday as planned. So far she hasn’t had much pain, and she’s feeling alright. The arm pit things were clean and they didn’t have to remove any of them so that’s awesome 😀 but there are other biopsies that we’ll get the results of three weeks from now before we know for sure whether it had spread or not. But so far so good and we’re taking it one step at a time 🙂 But I am very relieved 😀

In other news…

A couple of weeks ago, I adopted a fansite for Game Of Thrones, the HBO tv series. Didn’t announce it until Gertie bought a domain for it: Game Of Thrones Fan. Game Of Thrones is currently the tv series I most look forward to each week 😀

Also, it took a few days, but Gertie finally renewed the domain so the site is back and working again!

I’ve ordered a dedicated ADSL to my appartment because my current one, which is a free one offered by my appartment building, has slowed down unbearably. The new ADSL should be installed on June 7, and it all should happen in such a way that I don’t loose internet accessibility at any point, I’ll believe it when I see it. So I might disappear for a bit if something goes wrong with it.

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Domain Renewal/Transfer Problems

So two of my domains, and, need to be renewed now and I’ve run into a problem – I want to move their registration away from Netfirms (because they’re expensive, and also charge me for VAT now although by the law of my country, I don’t have to pay it for such small fees because I’m not a companyt/organization but they charge it automatically when one lives in the EU area instead of in the US. And the VAT they would charge if I renew them on netfirms, makes it way too expensive for me) and have done that with other domains before without any problems before, including Netfirms -> elsewhere transfer.

But this time I’m having trouble – I believe it’s because of Netfirms changed their control panel to a new platform/version, and for some reasons the domain transfer authorization e-mails aren’t always getting through to me. Both domains failed to transfer to and at the same time I discovered something off about so I’m not going to try with them again.

I’ve ordered transfer of both domains to and so far, both domains seem to process the transfer ok – at least I got all the authorization e-mails (although after a delay), and as I write this, at least has proceeded to the actual transfer of the domain information from Netfirms to Namecheap step, and the next step is that Netfirms need to release it – but if that process doesn’t work as it should because of a bug in the new control panel/platform, it’ll propably fail again.

Keeping fingers crossed it all goes well, but in case it doesn’t – I’ll renew them at Netfirms if I absolutely have to but I won’t be happy about it, at all.

Anyway, this is to tell you that these two domains might expire for a bit, depending on how the transfers to Namecheap go or not go, as the case may be. If they go as they should, no problems and no expiry. But because on there’s only 11 days left before expiration, and on 16 days when I’m writing this, and domain transfers take several days to complete – especially because I’m not getting the necessary e-mails as quickly as I should so there’s some delay because of that – so while all the transfering is attempted, it might take enough days to complete all the required steps that if it doesn’t work in the end, the domains might expire before I’m able to renew them at their old home Netfirms.

Wish I’d had started the process a month ago, with more days left before expiry, but I’d never had any problems transfering from one registrar to another, and so didn’t anticipate to have problems this time either 🙁