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Teen Wolf Season 1 Bluray Screencaps

Bluray screencaps from all Teen Wolf season 1 episodes are now up!

I shall also cap season 2 from Bluray if it’s ever released but otherwise I’m done capping Teen Wolf now. I really, really want season 2 on Bluray! Season 1 looks so pretty!

These Bluray caps are the only ones support  now (meaning that while is up and working as I write this, it’s not mine anymore and if it’s deleted by flaunt or a new owner adopts it and does away with my screencaps, I won’t re-upload those).

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars!

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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Season 1 On Bluray

So I thought I was done with Teen Wolf screencaps, and got rid of my TW site and everything. Then about two weeks ago I learned there’s a German Bluray release of season 1.

Color me not done, at all. I mean, look at these pretty caps:

Much better than the iTunes 1080p ones. Obviously I must cap.