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Vocational Rehabilitation

On the April 3rd I started a vocational rehabilitation course 🙂

I’d been planning this for like the last four years or more but always either had to push it back because of new illness or old symptoms getting a lot worse before I even sent in my application or once, had to cancel my application it because my Crohn’s Disease suddenly got really bad and there were procedures planned which would’ve required sick leave for about 1/3 of the first month. Which would’ve made the thing a waste and useless :/ It took this long for me to stabilize and be so so that things feel like this is the new normal and that I can maybe do other stuff than just be at home and try to make it through the day okay. Then it took like about a year the unemployment agency & doctors etc. on board with the idea and go through the steps from there. So yay! I’m finally at this step! 😀

The course consists of periods of days/weeks at the rehabilition center’s premises and of work training (weeks/months). The first stage lasted for four weeks, and I’m currently at the second stage – the first working training.
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Screencaps · Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Season 1 Bluray Screencaps

Bluray screencaps from all Teen Wolf season 1 episodes are now up!

I shall also cap season 2 from Bluray if it’s ever released but otherwise I’m done capping Teen Wolf now. I really, really want season 2 on Bluray! Season 1 looks so pretty!

These Bluray caps are the only ones support  now (meaning that while is up and working as I write this, it’s not mine anymore and if it’s deleted by flaunt or a new owner adopts it and does away with my screencaps, I won’t re-upload those).

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars!

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