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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thought I’d do a health update – I don’t think I’ve done one since I got home from the hospital in February. Better get this down now, when still I remember everything what’s been going on since February…

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I’ve created two new fansites: James Morrison Fan which is a fansite for the actor James Morrison, of “24” and Space: Above And Beyond fame, and Space: Above And Beyond Online which for the cult scif tv series. Both totally unofficial, of course.

I’ll propably be deleting The Originals Source  before too soon  (haven’t gotten my enthusiasm for the show back) and Sasha Roiz World (think I’d rather just be a fan rather than a fansite owner in this case). So if either site has anything you want up now, download it ASAP!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Seems I’ve pretty much lost interest in The Originals, starting with the first episode after Claire Holt’s last :/ I haven’t been able to watch 1×17 to the end, just not interested, and not particularly curious – even in general terms – about what’s been going on since Rebecca’s departure. She was a much needed counterpoint to all the male main characters, and the other female characters are either boring or annoying or not important enough to step into her shoes… they’re just not memorable, IMO. They’re so unmemorable I always had trouble remembering there even are other female characters on the show in addition to Rebecca in the first place. I really, really want to like Hayley but she has so little to do or whatever, that makes it seem like she’s an after thought whenever she’s on screen and serves only the male characters’ stories. Even though she’s supposed to be a main one herself 🙁

I also kind of like Genevieve. But she’s not a main character, and I just keep expecting/have a feeling she’ll be killed off sooner rather than later.

I don’t know yet what to do about Haven’t been working on it much since the hospital, and even less since Rebecca’s departure.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I got back from the hospital a few hours ago 😀 I can’t tell you how weird it is writing this with my laptop, the screen feels huge after 8 days of accessing online world though a smart phone. That device is just fabulous, but computer is always a computer 😉

Anyway, I’m home. Don’t expect any updates anywhere until propably after the weekend at the earliest, and then still I’ll be updating only as long as I feel I’m not overexerting myself. I’m still very much recovering and got a month of sick leave for now, blood tests etc. once a week until I hear otherwise. And I just want to catch my breath for a few days and catch up on everything I’ve missed 🙂

Monday, February 17, 2014

I’m still in the hospital, and don’t know when I’ll be released.

I can now confirm, that the big thing was/is my liver accompanied by a few other smaller things. Seems I’ve started recovering now though because my liver vitals improved a lot over the weekend.

There are still some liver related tests and biopsy results pending, and I guess they want to wait for those because the usual things that they look for first came up all clear, and now checking for other possible causes. So there’s no diagnosis yet.

So, heading to right direction at the moment but not out of the woods yet.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Still in the hospital. Gonna be the whole weekend; Monday next time the situstion appraisal.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All sites are on hiatus until further notice.

I’m in the hospital, been here since yesterday morning – first at the ER then ward. Don’t know when I can go back home, they need to find out what caused the acute bad diarrhea that induced dehydration (so bad I was falling down due to dizzyness) – antibiotic  or acute worsening of Crohn’s Disease.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Got home a couple of hours ago.

The colonoscopy procedure itself went fine, a few bad spots on the way in but I got pain medication when I needed it so nothing too terrible. The doctor who performed the colonoscopy (proctologist?) says visually everything’s looking good and indeed I could see it myself too – just like last time I could see the red parts as well. She naturally took biopsies so I’ll hear the final results two weeks from now and what’s the next step.

Doing the cleansing in two parts isn’t working for me, however – the next time I’m sticking to the “cleansing in one evening/day” schedule I used three times before. In one way, this two part one was much easier – it wasn’t as violent as the “all in one day” schedule, allowing me to rest a lot between during during cleansing – which I can’t do at all with the “all in one day” schedule until the cleansing is over because once it starts, I can’t get out of bathroom. With this two part schedule, that wasn’t really a problem – it was a lot slower. BUT. A big BUT.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tomorrow’s my 4th colonoscopy. Yay. CRP and CALPRO still elevated, although CALPRO has come down about half from the previous. Still high though. Meds not as effective as hoped. So the docs what to see what my bowels is looking like now, is there inflammation left and how bad. I altready thought I might escape without a colonoscopy this time, the doc took a long enough time to suggest it that I hoped it, but no such luck 🙁

This time they have me do the bloody awful, horrible emptying in parts: part 1 today and then tomorrow part 2 early tomorrow morning. All three times before I’ve done it in one, which took 8-9 hours all in all and was hell. Much worse than the procedure itself. But maybe this “do it in two parts” is easier? Common sense says it should be… fingers crossed…

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