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Closing Jewel Staite Fansite

The domain expire two days ago, and as I’d been thinking about closing the site for a couple of months now, instead of asking to Gertie to renew it (she owns the domain) – I’ve decided to really go ahead and close  my Jewel Staite site instead. I’m sorry to came so abrubtly that I couldn’t give you forewarning – the expiration date snuck up on me, and I just noticed it today.

I still like her a lot and I’ll be following her career, but I didn’t really like the last few projects that she did, and I’d rather use my energy on my other sites. I can always re-open the site later, if I feel like it 🙂


Dear Weather Gods

Have you forgotten what the “wave” in heat wave means? You come… and then you go. See? Simple as that. You don’t stay. And stay. And stay. With no concernible end in sight. 

Just a kind reminder. Thank you and goodbye.

PS. Dear Weather Gods, you must have confused Lappland with some Mediterranean country. Lappland isn’t supposed to have +30 degrees Celcius weather. Like, never ever.


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