Health Update

Heard back from the colonoscopy today – and looks like we finally, after 4 long years, may actually really have a true diagnosis! It’s not 100% definitive yet, but the pathology indicate Crohn’s Disease – the inflammation is mild so apparently it’s uncertain because of that. So they’re going to put me on corticosteroids now and if that reduces the chronic diarrhea, apparently that will confirm the diagnosis and then there are treatments.

There’s no cure to Crohn’s Disease nor do they know what causes it, and there and certain elevated health threats come with it. But if it’s that – I’ll finally have a name for what ails me, a real illness, treatments to be tried that perhaps can make it better and that makes all the difference! … But still not getting all up and jumping for joy – this may turn out to be another false start, after all, again. Better to just wait and see what effect the corticosteroids have on me. But yeah, at least all the damn work I did preparing for the colonoscopy didn’t go to waste; I’m happy for that! 😀

Website News

Cleaning Up & Refined Alert System

I went through all my sites today, checking that all scripts, plugins etc. were up-to-date and also did some general cleaning. I’m also taking into a use a further refined alert system that makes it possible for me to post hiatus, server problem etc. notices both on my main domain Crystal Fires that must have everything and only to the site in question (when it comes back online) unlike to all my sites like before – it’s also possible post it on the main domain as well as to either all sites if all are affected or to say to 3, if only 3 sites are affected. So less off topic news to each site with this upgrade.

This post works as a test of the refined system: if everything works as it should, this post should show up on all of my sites.


Slow Internet

Noticed an hour ago that my internet is slooooow. I did a speed test and download stream is only 2.2MB when it should be 10MB. The upload speed is normal. Why does it always have to be the end of the week?! :/ I’ve never had internet connection problems at the start of the week so it always takes forever to fix them :/

Checked my ISP’s info page and there’s been G3 and G2 speech data transfer problems in the town next over affecting people there since noon that they’re currently working on to fix, and it logically should not affect anyone’s ADSL here but from past experience I know that it somehow can, so I don’t want to report it until the page says it fixed so that I can if my problem fixes itself along with it. Which it being 3pm now means tomorrow if it doesn’t, and tomorrow being Friday means they’re not going to work on it until some day next week :/


EDIT – 3,5 hours later : well, wouldn’t you know – the page says the problems in mobile data transfers in the town next over which shouldn’t affect fixed ADSL here, is now repaired and so is my internet! I don’t get it but as long as it works…


Health Update

Had my third colonoscopy yesterday. This one took the longest, an hour and I think 20 minutes. Considering how my symptoms have been behaving the last several months and that I had a bad spout of diarrhea on Saturday and had to take a lot of Imodium to get it stop and then had no bowel movements at all before starting the fun fun fun thing on Tuesday night (3 days later which is not-rare now after taking Imodium these days – a few months ago, I needed to take it daily so it’s been changing lately and difficult predict when and how often), I suspected that the fun fun fun thing hadn’t cleansed the bowels completely… Unfortunately this turned out to be true 🙁 So they they had to do a lot of flushing going in, and that’s why it took somewhat longer because of that. I told them how I’d done the fun fun fun thing and it was correct but just hadn’t been enough. I used Moviprep which I used the first time and it worked great then.

There definitely is some irritation/inflammation going on in one particular place of my large intestine (even I could see it) but they couldn’t say what might cause it by look of it. Also there was somethings that I can’t remember in my small intestine that could or could not be related to the large intestine irritation/inflammation, so yeah something’s definitely going on – which we’ve all known for years now. I just hope itsfinally something they can actually the finger on and treat, and not just say again that despite everything nothing particular was found and so it’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome or bile acid malabsorption or maybe a mixture of both and I just need to keep going on like I have been. Then I’d have gone through all this for basically nothing 

The staff was very nice and competent, I was conscious the whole time and could follow the process in a monitor most of the time. The man who wielded the tube, often told me what I was seeing on the monitor and when they were taking biopsies from the irritated part and it bleed, he explained that bleeding was one of the signs of inflammation and then later showed me what healthy part looked like. It only hurt in one part and the nurse gave me a pain injection immediately which also worked practically immediately, after that there was it only was uncomfortable, especially when both the nurses had to press down hard on my belly at one point. That was the worst but it wasn’t pain.

I’m not getting my hopes up – been there, done that too many times. I’ll just wait for the results and then see what’s what 

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