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Life Is Shit = Possible Delays In Updates

Life is shit. Just when my own health problems are getting better and I can pretty much have a normal life now (yay!), my Mom gets sick: first PMR (Polymyalgia rheumatica) diagnosed in March, and this week the regularly made (every 1-2 years for her age group) mammography revelead breast cancer. The oncologist/surgeon’s consultation is on Friday and the preliminary date for the surgery is next week’s Wednesday.

Apprently it “isn’t the most aggressive form of breast cancer”, and as I understand, it was discovered early (I hope!!!), but still. Shit. Why are we having this streak of bad luck with health stuff? Mom hasn’t had any health problems for like 45 years, and I hadn’t had either until suddenly in 2008. And since then, nothing but??! Stupid life. At least Mom’s “boyfriend” (funny calling a 60+ year old man a boyfriend but they aren’t married so)  isn’t having any new developments on health front *knock on wood*

This situation may delay website updates. We don’t know anything about what happens after the surgery yet,  what treatments she’ll need to undergo – chemo I believe no matter what, but the others, no idea. Dad had to have the full range of the treatments for his cancer (brain cancer) and he still died four years after the first diagnosis despite two surgeries and all the cancer treatments. I’ve been doing research on breast cancer, and in Finland, 89% of patients are still alive five years later, and “most of them” are considered healed. So that gives hope, right?

Right now I’m not able to concentrate on website stuff much, don’t know what happens when we know more. So updates will happen when they happen.




Two New Wallpapers

I miss making wallpapers regularly so much, but can’t seem to manage either the energy or inspiration these days :( But the the fabulous, colorful wallpapers Callisto has been sharing with my Xena site gave me inspiration, and I actually made two new wallpapers today! :D

Quite happy with how they turned out, especially Xena one – I didn’t like it at first, thought it was too simple, but the more I look at it the more I like it, pricely because it looks simple.

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It’s that time of year again – weather turns to spring and summer, and I whine about it. It’s been very springy the last two weeks or so, weather is almost hot in the sun but still cold in the shade, and I got the flu to prove it 🙁 And as always in the spring and summer when the sun shines, the inside temperature of my appartment goes up unbearably – it’s already gone up to 27 degrees Celcius… I fucking HATE spring and summer.

Anyway, I I said I got the flu and that pushes my end of hiatus a bit – I had planned to officially come ouf of hiatus in the beginning of May, but now I’m officially pushing it at least mid-May. I’m not going to do anything except script updates (if there are any) until this stupid flu is completely over.

And the last bit of news… I renamed today my LJ account nekhbet_ariane to my original account name ariane179254after the first rush of excitment I never really liked the other name, and what I should’ve done when I quit LJ as personal site was delete all posts & everything on ariane179254 and just keep that name. I kept all the connections/posts/whatever between the new name and the old name, so the change should be seamless and nothing gets lost/deleted etc.

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