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2 New Sites + Hiatus

I’m not sure if I announced this here, but I took over from the previous owner when he couldn’t work on it anymore. And I also opened a tribute site for Lucy Lawless:

In other news, it’s that time again… random people on internet, saying random things about well, anything, are starting to piss me off again. Which means it hiatus time again. And I’m also starting to avoid certain fandom things, which again, mean it’s a hiatus time.

So I am officially going on a hiatus, starting immediately. Until the end of March, at the very least, or possibly until the end of April. All sites stay open and working all through the hiatus, as before.

The only real thing I’ll be focusing on the  few weeks is the Star Trek TOS Bluray caps -I want to finish uploading them already, and they’re in my upload queue already anyway, so I’ll just let it do its work. I think I need to recap season 1 too though, to make it match in format and number of caps seasons 2 and 3. Argh. But I won’t feel TOS is complete until I do that.

Otherwise through the hiatus, I’ll keep doing the “not-heavy-things” like upgrading scripts like normal if there are any.And of course, should there be technical problems or server issues that need my attention, I’ll take care of those.

But all other updating the fansites will not happen or happen sporadically, and only if I feel like it. The main thing is: everything time, work & bandwidth intensive (basically, screencapping, weeding them and uploading them along with some other things I’m not feeling like doing at the moment), all go on a back-burner until end of  this hiatus.And like during previous hiatuses, sites get updated whenever I feel like it… meaning there might be lots of screencaps/stuff updates, or none at all.

Note about some future happenings:

The Lucy Lawless site will also affect my Xena site: I’m thinking I want to put the Xena Warrior Princess Lucy-only caps up at and I certainly don’t want to go through every episode twice (first for all, then for Lucy), so I’m thinking to switch that site to all unweeded rars too, like Star Trek and Stargate. I’d also get the caps up faster that way.

Speaking of Xena caps, I’m going to recap the whole series because of the new program I found and mentioned on the Xena site a while back. It produces better quality caps especially from the season 1 DVDs which are awful qualiy, and I’d have to redo season 1 completely, some of season 2 and all of season 4 completely. And I’m not totally happy with the number of caps I made previously (I always seem to miss as shot that I need now). So I might as well recap the whole series one last and final time. I’ve also been asked if I have any plans to cap Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and I hadn’t, but I’ve gotten enough requests to reconsider. I’m not really interested Hercules except for Lucy and Renee, and Ares and Aphrodite, so I’ve no idea but apparently the series either hasn’t been capped fully, or in bad quality. So I might step in there, if you can talk me over – I only own season 3 myself, but my local library has seasons 1-3 so I could get the first seasons from there, and assuming the disc work ok (they don’t always in the library because they’re so well used), I could cap at least seasons 1-3 once I finish some other capping projects of mine. Any takers???


Health Update

Had the special dentist’s appointment today.

They took three X-rays, which revealed I have two big holes in two of my teeth, the same place on top left and top down. I had all my wisdom tooth removed when I was a teenager, but my mouth is still cramped, and the last teeth both up and down on both sides are all half under gum and also against the cheeks. The gum was punctured twice after the  removal of my wisdom tooth, but it grew always back and finally, I was told to leave it like that unless they start to bother me. Well, they haven’t and don’t, but now the ones on left have holes underneath there.

The dentist told me that my options very likely will be root canal, or removal. She said it may be technically impossible to repair them because of how cramped my mouth is, and that I can still chew pretty normally without the pair. And there are of course implants, if I want to go that route.

I’ll have to talk with my regular dentist about the options, but I’m leaning towards having them removed altogether. My Mom had root canal done to the same teeth twice but they failed, and it had to be removed in the end. And I’ve been googling and saw that 97% of root canals require repeat performance on the same teeth in the next three years, and  even then half will have to have it removed inside eight years. And that removal is a good option to think about instead of having root canal.

She also said that all this can contribute to the chronix diarrhea, but in her opinion not cause it. So no help there, but I’m glad my mouth was checked anyway because otherwise who knows when the two holes would’ve been discovered because they don’t cause pain (so far, anyway – knock on wood) and are only visible in X-rays.

Fansite News

Ch-cha-changes Complete!

Hah, it was a lot easier to accomplish what I wanted than I thought 😀

This site is now run by WordPress, and will be my main site. Meaning all personal posts I will now post here originally instead of Dreamwidth. In addition, this site also gets all the posts from my screencaps site Fading Tomorrow and creative posts from my creative site Crystal Dreams. I’m using FeedWordPress to import the RSS feeds from those two sites,so it all happens automatically.

Also, a note Fading Tomorrow: I’m now also using FeedWordPress to collect and automatically crosspost screencap posts from all my various sites: Jeri Ryan, Star Trek, Stargate, Xena etc. The benefit of this automation is that I only need to update the originating site, such as the Star Trek site, and once it’s done there, the new post(s) will automatically be picked by Fading Tomorrow, instead of me having to go manually update Fading Tomorrow like I’ve been doing up until now. Which I didn’t always do. This removes one step from the process entirely, which means all screencap notices from those sites will go up at Fading Tomorrow in a timely manner (instead of days later when I get to it!) 😀

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