January 11, 2011 - Ariane - Comments Off on I Do Not Give Permission To Hotlink My Shit - Fansite News, Rant

!Message to Spartacus: Blood And Sand fans!

– I do not, have not nor will I ever give any one of you permission to hotlink my files on this site. Or any of my other sites. Thanks to YOU, fucking stupid idiots who can’t even get the most basics of netiquette right, I have now enabled full and complete hotlink protection. And that fucking makes my fucking life harder which means you are seriously pissing me off. If I ever figure out a way to block you from my sites, without blocking other good users at the same time, I fucking will.

– I am sick and tired of seeing your fucking Portuguese/Spanish/Estonian/Bulgarian message boards and news sites fucking sucking my bandwidth. This fucking site uses 253MB of space which means it’s tiny. Tiny site made of tiny icons and a bunch of wallpapers. Before you started to show up in my logs, the normal bandwidth usage of this site varied between 400MB and 2,5 GB per month for 4,5 years.

Then in May last year, YOU showed up, with your multitude of fucking websites and cursed message board posts mass hotlinking my Spartacus files, and my used fucking bandwidth went up:  May 2010: 4.16GB. October 5.33GB. November 2010: 6.19GB. December 2010: 7.13GB.

And this fucking month? Eleven days in? Already used 2.97GB of bandwidth. Fuck if I’m going to keep putting up with your stealing. I was already fucking thinking of destroying everything Spartacus I have uploaded. Icons, wallpapers, screencaps – fucking  everything. But that wouldn’t be fair for the visitors who don’t steal from me and I do not want to do it anyway. So hotlink protection it is.

– Not speaking/understanding English well is not an acceptable reason to not know this shit. There are translators, and you more than likely know somebody with with enough English skills to understand a simple order “DO NOT HOTLINK”. Furthermore, if you are going to use somebody’s shit, common sense says you either get a fucking permission to hotlink, and if you don’t get it (or don’t ask for it), YOU UPLOAD TO YOUR OWN SERVER, WITH CREDIT.

– If you have hotlinked my file, and it now fucks up your pretty little website or awesome message board… TOUGH SHIT. You don’t give a shit about me, I don’t give a shit about you. I’m done paying for your shit (or rather having Gertie pay for your shit).

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