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I know I’ve ranted about this before but it keeps coming up every once in a while so…

Is it so damn hard to crasp that people actually exist who don’t give a flying fuck about shipping and pairings and OTPs – and to consider that just maybe not all wallpapers featuring two characters in it mean that I, the maker, must ship that pairing? Oh, and better yet, then get apoplectic because I have dared to make wallpapers pairing  – your word, not mine – Character A not only with Character B but also with other people????????? Stupid shippers. Oh, and while we’re at it… no, “Todd smut” doesn’t automatically mean it’s Todd/Sheppard. There are other characters than Sheppard (and McKay), you know, or I can even make up !GASP! an OC or two if I want to. I don’t like Sheppard (yes !GASP! that is possible!)  You don’t want me to write Sheppard; you would not like the result. And nor would I.

On other news. Watched Rachel Weisz’s The Whistleblower today. A very good, but hard movie to watch. But also a very necessary one.

Amazing Rachel Weisz was closed by its owner a few days ago due to personal reasons. She first gave me the chance to download everything I wanted. Which I did, and have uploaded to my Rachel site. It was a fabulous RW site,and I’m so glad Natalie didn’t just close it – it’d been a huge loss to fandom.

But it made me feel like a Borg – AMR was the fifth fansite (although 1st RW fansite) I have taken over when the original owner could not maintain it anymore. I’m very glad to be trusted and able to do that, but at the same time I’m feeling like I’m the Borg and take over all my favorite fansites/subjects. Sometimes it would be great to just be one of many, not the only, fan producing content (by which I mean photos, video clips, wallpapers, screencaps, icons etc. things that require actually making or scanning content). Luckily there is at least one still  more or less up-to-date fansite for Rachel. So at least I’m not literally the only one this time. But yeah.

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