February 22, 2018 - Ariane - Comments Off on Downtime – All Sites Affected - Site News

I have finally gained access to my WHM/cPanels and can start restoring and fixing sites from my personal backups. Looks like I lost updates and uploads from about 3,5 months 🙁 A bunch of sites are still missing from my WHM, and my host is seeing about those. They’re either big, or created/were moved to host in last three months.

Databases are easy and fast to restore but uploading 3 months worth of actual files such as all the screencaps will take time. I’m going to work on the sites in the order, from fastest/easiest first and ones required a lot of file uploads, those will be last (such as gallery.crystalfires.net).


Updates I posted to my Dreamwidth when the sites were down starting a week ago:

Update 2 (February 18th): They’re still restoring everything. I don’t have access to my sites yet so need to keep waiting. Some sites are working but with updates made since after October lost, while other sites don’t load at all and yet more sites having database errors.

Update 1 [February 16th): Ricardo posted about what happened here: https://fan-village.net/2018/02/16/what-is-happening/ They were trying to install new server but the data center accidentally re-installed the current one, and then basically, either script error or user error wiped out backups. What they are restoring now are old backups from October 2017 that they still had on their old backups service. There should be database backups from two weeks ago, but all the things like pictures uploaded since October are gone, from what I understand, and will need to be re-uploaded.

I’m currently waiting for all the restores to complete to see what I have to do.

Something is going on with my host http://www.fan-host.org All my sites are either down or have that just installed server page. I’ve no idea what’s going on as I write this, but I do think it might have something to do with the DDOS attacks fan-host.org and their other services have been suffering lately.

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