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I still get regular questions/requests to finish my Stargate: Atlantis Bluray capping. I recently re-watched the series for I think, 5th time since its cancellation and I do love that world and the Wraith. And for the first time ever, Sheppard and McKay didn’t annoy me anymore – I guess enough time has finally passed, and I know the stories so well now that things-I-don’t-like-so-much couldn’t really irritate me anymore. It is what it is, and looks like am finally able to enjoy it for what it is instead of hoping for what I wanted it to be. And I do want to cap the show every time I watch it, so…

I don’t have the Stargate caps site anymore (I’m not even sure if it’s still online, haven’t checked after flaunt bought it from me), so I’m uploading these to my general gallery. Bluray screencaps from season 1 episodes 1-10 are up now, and more will be following.

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars

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