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January 14, 2019   Ariane   Comments Off on Going In For A Procedure – Delay Fixing Possible Site Problems Admin News, Blog, Health

Today’s been awful, had a terrible migraine that didn’t want to go away and I’m still worried that it might come back during the night or tomorrow. I’m worried because I’m going to have a routine colonoscopy again on Wednesday (first time in 4 years!), and I need to do the fun fun fun! “empty […]

September 19, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Acrylic Pour Painting Acrylic Painting, Blog

I’ve made about 10 acrylic pour paintings since my last post about it, and posted some photos of the best ones at So Obsessed. I hope you’ll check it out 🙂

September 13, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Update Blog, General, Health, Personal

I getting up on 300 days of sickeness allowance at the end of this month (300 days is the maximum; after that one has be fit for work for at least a year to re-qualify again for the same illness) because of my migraines. So now I’m applying for disability pension/temporary disability pension now. I […]

July 20, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Stargate Atlantis Legacy Books Blog, Reading, Stargate Atlantis

I’ve finally finished reading the 8 book series Stargate Atlantis: Legacy, chronicling the events taking place after the series finale “Enemy At The Gate”.  The eight books are just as good as everyone has been saying they are! In many ways I think they surpass the tv series itself, going in depth into issues that […]

July 17, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Hot Weather + Sites May Go On Hiatus Blog, Health, Personal, Rant, Weather

It’s been a miserable summer since May. It’s been hot nearly all the time – both “hot-for-me” and legitimately hot, and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. Yesterday was 32 (Celcius), today it’s promised to be 33 with no cloud. I just barely made it through yesterday, today stretches long and torturous […]

June 27, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Love These Handmade Journals Blog, Loves, Personal

I love these journals! I bought one earlier, but when I wanted get another one, they weren’t available anymore. I’m so happy Moneeza added them back to her shop, and I bought the mint one right away just now 😀

May 26, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on How To Make A Prompt Generator?? Blog, Fan Fiction, Writing

Does anyone know how to create a prompt generator? Maybe a good tutorial? I’d love to be able to push a button on my desktop/visit a webpage to get a set of 2-4 prompts picked from 300 Erotic Prompts (by Cheri Laughlin). Or maybe someone has already done a generator with these prompts… *fingers crossed*

May 26, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Stupid Hot Weather Blog, Health, Personal, Rant, What The Fuck

I had a really really good day on Wednesday; my migraine was actually totally gone – not even a hint of it anywhere to be found!  😯 😀 No vague pressure in my head, or quick scalpel slash of pain if I happened to move just the wrong way… nothing. I can’t even remember the […]

May 18, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Acrylic Pour Painting Acrylic Painting, Blog

The last several months while the migraine has been so bad again even when I’m not having an attack, I’ve been missed being creative. I’ve been having a lot of bad enough days where I can’t listen to music, can’t watch TV, can’t write fiction, can’t play around in Photoshop, can only read a little […]

May 7, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Update Blog, Health

It’s been about a year since I last did a health update, and the last time I did, I had started vocational rehabilitation. It was both really good, and really bad and I went into some detail about that in that post I linked. The rehabilitation ended in mid-October, with only one one-on-one interview (as […]