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November 14, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Update Health

The same sleep issues continue that I detailed in my previous health post ( It hasn’t gotten any better 🙁 I’m now pretty sure it’s Questran which is causing the problem. I’ve got a phone call appointment with the gastroenterologist today, and unless he can come up with something regarding the problem, I’m going to go […]

November 9, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Health, Personal, Stargate Atlantis

It’s 1am and I’m up. Again. I can’t sleep.  This has been going on since about mid-week last week 🙁 At first I couldn’t sleep at all, but the last two nights it got a little better – I still had bitch of a time falling asleep, but once I did – after getting up a […]

August 27, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Update Health

So I’ve now had all the tests ordered by the infections specialist; nothing was found and no reason for the chronic diarrhea. Removing the two bad teeth has had no effect at all on the CRP levels which continue to be slightly elevated. They decided to refer me to Gastro in case they think they […]

July 5, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Update + Random Thoughts: Firefly Firefly, Health

The 2nd and last last tooth that needed to be removed was taken out this morning. The time reserved for the procedure was one hour, and I was mentally all prepared for just as problematic and painful removal and recovery as the other tooth. And it was… easy! D: I was in and out in […]

June 2, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Tooth Ache Health

And the tooth ache continues – it’s been on since Tuesday. At first I didn’t think it was notable but it’s now getting on my nerves. It’s not really bad ache – just bad enough that I’m aware of it all the damn time. And it could be my imagination, but I think it’s a […]

May 30, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Againt At The Dentist’s Health

The spot where the tooth was removed last Monday started to ache Wednesday/Thursday but I thought it was because I was starting to eat solids again and it always started after eating. But Saturday and yesterday it ached all the damn time, and then last night, it started to throb when I did some light […]

May 23, 2011   Ariane   2 Comments Health, Personal

I had the dentist’s appointment today, and he didn’t even try to convince me to have root canal instead of removing the tooth 😀 So the first of the two teeth is out now 🙂 Took 55 minutes (which is interesting, because a friend of mine had her wisdom teeth removed, 2 of them at […]

March 1, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Update Health

Had the special dentist’s appointment today. They took three X-rays, which revealed I have two big holes in two of my teeth, the same place on top left and top down. I had all my wisdom tooth removed when I was a teenager, but my mouth is still cramped, and the last teeth both up […]