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April 27, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Livejournal, Hiatus, Flu Admin News, Hiatus, Livejournal, Personal

It’s that time of year again – weather turns to spring and summer, and I whine about it. It’s been very springy the last two weeks or so, weather is almost hot in the sun but still cold in the shade, and I got the flu to prove it πŸ™ And as always in the […]

April 16, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Bluray-Rom Fail Computer Woes

Looks like my Bluray-rom is failing πŸ™ It doesn’t read most CD/DVD/Bluray discs anymore, and the ones that it does read, it takes a longer than usually and with noise πŸ™ I dug up my old X-Box360 HD DVD player from storage, which thankfully still works okay so at least I’m not shit out of […]

April 10, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Random Thoughts Star Trek, TV & Movie Thoughts

I’m liking my hiatus, and it will continue at least the end of this month… I’m even contemplating extending it to the end of May. Maybe. Star Trek TOS screencapping… I have capped ALL of Star Trek TOS πŸ˜€ And even uploaded almost all of it – only have The Original, Uncut, Unaired Version of […]

March 8, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on 2 New Sites + Hiatus Anna Torv, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Hiatus, Personal

I’m not sure if I announced this here, but I took over from the previous owner when he couldn’t work on it anymore. And I also opened a tribute site for Lucy Lawless: In other news, it’s that time again… random people on internet, saying random things about well, anything, are starting to […]

March 1, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Health Update Health

Had the special dentist’s appointment today. They took three X-rays, which revealed I have two big holes in two of my teeth, the same place on top left and top down. I had all my wisdom tooth removed when I was a teenager, but my mouth is still cramped, and the last teeth both up […]

January 11, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on I Do Not Give Permission To Hotlink My Shit Fansite News, Rant

!Message to Spartacus: Blood And Sand fans! – I do not, have not nor will I ever give any one of you permission to hotlink my files on this site. Or any of my other sites. Thanks to YOU, fucking stupid idiots who can’t even get the most basics of netiquette right, I have now […]

January 11, 2010   Ariane   Comments Off on Fan Fiction Fan Fiction, Writing

I’ve imported all my writings I wanted to keep to WordPress and deleted the efiction site. You can access them by the Writings link in the menu.

January 11, 2010   Ariane   Comments Off on Ranting to self / Thoughts On Writing Writing

I feel bad about not writing, or rather writing so little. Writing isn’t easy for me, it takes a long time and more energy and so much more creativity than say, making wallpapers, or avatars. I think a thing contributing to this is that English isn’t my native language, and I try to be too […]