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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
blessed silence listless, disappointed

It’s been a miserable summer since May. It’s been hot nearly all the time – both “hot-for-me” and legitimately hot, and it just seems to be getting worse and worse. Yesterday was 32 (Celcius), today it’s promised to be 33 with no cloud. I just barely made it through yesterday, today stretches long and torturous in front of me. It’ll feel like dying.

I can’t even think of tomorrow yet.

It’s promised to stay well above 25 for the next 10 days, but hopefully that gets adjusted downwards to something more normal as the days go by.

My migraine is bad and getting worse, and also I’m feeling just bad overall due the bright sun and the constant heat. I’ve reached the limit of my ability to stand the heat for this year, and now it’s taking all I have to just exist. I don’t know that I’m able to work much on my sites or anything online until the heat is over. So this is your Hiatus warning. It things go well, I’ll be back to normal later this month but it may just as well be end of August or early September before I have energy for anything beyond surviving. Totally depends on the weather now.

I’m writing this at 5.30AM and it feels weird. I’m not a morning person (at all!) but these days mornings are the only time of day I can breathe and feel normal for a couple of hours. That’s when I have to do all the household work and grocery shopping and such right now.

Hey Finnish Summer, I’m ready for you to go back to normal! Cold and gray, rain and all!


Saturday, May 26, 2018

I had a really really good day on Wednesday; my migraine was actually totally gone – not even a hint of it anywhere to be found!  😯 😀 No vague pressure in my head, or quick scalpel slash of pain if I happened to move just the wrong way… nothing. I can’t even remember the last time a had a day like that; must be three or four years ago. But I had a bad migraine attack on Thursday and a little less severe yesterday, that didn’t go all the way away and now it’s all nasty feeling all the time again 🙁

And also, it’s that time of year again… I complain about the stupid hot weather. The third week of steady heat is starting, and it’s not even summer yet! I think the migraine is so damn bad again partly due to the heat. I’ve reached my tolerance limit of heat and bright sun, now it’ll be just enduring and suffering until it goes away and the current weather prediction says that be on June 4th *fingers crossed* it’ll be earlier but at least not any later!

Seems to me the last few years that May, which is (supposed to be) still spring here, is actually all out summer these days. The heat personally bothers me and I could do with out it entirely, but it feels like the summer is starting earlier these days, and the actual summer is a little colder.

Cool weather, please to be making an appearance soon!


Monday, May 7, 2018

I’m so glad I got out from when I did! My leaving them was brought on by them adding a second ad to galleries without any notice to webmasters that they are doing so, or even a notice that they have updated the rules. Currently a lot of fansites hosted by flaunt are facing problems because two weeks ago they updated rules… and apparently again without notice to their webmasters. That’s just bad communication – they can’t expect their webmasters haunting the rules page literally all the time just in case they change them! One of the new rules is  crazy:

#19. Users may use their domain (their own or the one provided for free by Flaunt Network) given that the traffic exceeds 600 unique visitors daily (according to cPanel > Awstats). If the traffic is lower than 600 unique visitors daily, users may only use a subdomain for their websites (

Really? 600 unique visitors a day to be able to use my own domain? The one I bought and paid for? That’s been the site’s URL in many cases for over ten years? And there’s no transition time? Yeah, no. A lot of fansites never come close to 600 daily visitors! It really, really depends on the subject of your fansite, and unless it’s someone or something super popular, you won’t consistently get that many visitors a day. I have only two sites that have ever had that many visitors a day, The Vampire Diaries and Jeri Ryan, and then only on a few peak days. I’ve owned the Jeri Ryan site for over ten years and have had 600 daily visitors about twice when it’s peaked when Jeri herself has mentioned the URL or some big news broke. I didn’t own The Vampire Diaries site when the show was at its height, but the years I have owned it, the daily visitors exceeded 600 maybe, four times. And changing URLs is really bad – visitors will get confused when the URL is first a domain, then it’s automatically directed to a sub-domain and then again if/when if I move away to another host, a new URL again. Every URL change loses visitors!

There are no good sides for a website in this requirement.

flaunt was an okay host when I moved there, but I can’t recommend it anymore. If you’re considering them for your host, be sure to study the rules well and keep in mind that they might change on you at any time without any notice or transition time. I didn’t require a lot of support when I was there, and what I required, they answered to me usually withing 24 hours and often a lot faster. But  there’s been a lot of people saying on the fansite forums that they haven’t heard back from flaunt when they contact them, or that it took a long time. So support might not be that great.

I really miss Gertie and The Fansites Network. Gertie was a great host – sure, there were rules, and ad requirements and update requirements, but the support was great and she always communicated any changes and other important things. And often we’d have input on them to make them work for both her business and our fansites.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

If the bio section of your profile is 19064 words long I can’t help thinking that you’re doing it wrong…

Monday, August 3, 2015

I keep getting e-mails from which weirds me out. I don’t speak the language, I don’t read it – I’m not even sure whether it’s Spanish or Portuguese. I had never heard of the site until I got the first e-mail. So why are they e-mailing me?! It never goes to the spam folder and I have gmail so I don’t think it’s spam spam ’cause gmail’s good at catching the real spam.

Is anyone else getting e-mails from them without knowing why?