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January 11, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on I Do Not Give Permission To Hotlink My Shit Fansite News, Rant

!Message to Spartacus: Blood And Sand fans! – I do not, have not nor will I ever give any one of you permission to hotlink my files on this site. Or any of my other sites. Thanks to YOU, fucking stupid idiots who can’t even get the most basics of netiquette right, I have now […]

October 8, 2010   Ariane   Comments Off on New Look! And Awards Page Awards, Fansite News

As you can see, I have changed to a new theme I also updated the links in the sidebar, and added 4 new (well, old but I didn’t remember to add them before) awards to the awards page.

June 18, 2010   Ariane   Comments Off on Hotlink Protection Enabled Fansite News

I have enabled hotlink protection for my fanart site People were linking to my stuff and using up more than 2GB of my bandwithd a month :< Especially a bunch of Portugese/Spanish Spartacus: Blood And Sand forums and sites were doing this with my icons and wallpapers :/ FUCK YOU bandwidth stealers!

January 31, 2010   Ariane   Comments Off on New Look! Fansite News

As you can see, we have a new look up here! I visited today the awesome site Aun Existe Amor; I have long loved their designs, and was so happy to see that they have released their first WordPress theme I just had to use it immediately!