Crystal Fires

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

All sites are on hiatus until further notice.

I’m in the hospital, been here since yesterday morning – first at the ER then ward. Don’t know when I can go back home, they need to find out what caused the acute bad diarrhea that induced dehydration (so bad I was falling down due to dizzyness) – antibiotic  or acute worsening of Crohn’s Disease.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I’m going on a hiatus for 1-2 weeks, due to personal, health-related reasons. During that time, I’ll deal with any server issues and problems and script updates as normal should there be any, but all other things will be on hold.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It’s that time of year again – weather turns to spring and summer, and I whine about it. It’s been very springy the last two weeks or so, weather is almost hot in the sun but still cold in the shade, and I got the flu to prove it 🙁 And as always in the spring and summer when the sun shines, the inside temperature of my appartment goes up unbearably – it’s already gone up to 27 degrees Celcius… I fucking HATE spring and summer.

Anyway, I I said I got the flu and that pushes my end of hiatus a bit – I had planned to officially come ouf of hiatus in the beginning of May, but now I’m officially pushing it at least mid-May. I’m not going to do anything except script updates (if there are any) until this stupid flu is completely over.

And the last bit of news… I renamed today my LJ account nekhbet_ariane to my original account name ariane179254after the first rush of excitment I never really liked the other name, and what I should’ve done when I quit LJ as personal site was delete all posts & everything on ariane179254 and just keep that name. I kept all the connections/posts/whatever between the new name and the old name, so the change should be seamless and nothing gets lost/deleted etc.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I’m not sure if I announced this here, but I took over from the previous owner when he couldn’t work on it anymore. And I also opened a tribute site for Lucy Lawless:

In other news, it’s that time again… random people on internet, saying random things about well, anything, are starting to piss me off again. Which means it hiatus time again. And I’m also starting to avoid certain fandom things, which again, mean it’s a hiatus time.

So I am officially going on a hiatus, starting immediately. Until the end of March, at the very least, or possibly until the end of April. All sites stay open and working all through the hiatus, as before.

The only real thing I’ll be focusing on the  few weeks is the Star Trek TOS Bluray caps -I want to finish uploading them already, and they’re in my upload queue already anyway, so I’ll just let it do its work. I think I need to recap season 1 too though, to make it match in format and number of caps seasons 2 and 3. Argh. But I won’t feel TOS is complete until I do that.

Otherwise through the hiatus, I’ll keep doing the “not-heavy-things” like upgrading scripts like normal if there are any.And of course, should there be technical problems or server issues that need my attention, I’ll take care of those.

But all other updating the fansites will not happen or happen sporadically, and only if I feel like it. The main thing is: everything time, work & bandwidth intensive (basically, screencapping, weeding them and uploading them along with some other things I’m not feeling like doing at the moment), all go on a back-burner until end of  this hiatus.And like during previous hiatuses, sites get updated whenever I feel like it… meaning there might be lots of screencaps/stuff updates, or none at all.

Note about some future happenings:

The Lucy Lawless site will also affect my Xena site: I’m thinking I want to put the Xena Warrior Princess Lucy-only caps up at and I certainly don’t want to go through every episode twice (first for all, then for Lucy), so I’m thinking to switch that site to all unweeded rars too, like Star Trek and Stargate. I’d also get the caps up faster that way.

Speaking of Xena caps, I’m going to recap the whole series because of the new program I found and mentioned on the Xena site a while back. It produces better quality caps especially from the season 1 DVDs which are awful qualiy, and I’d have to redo season 1 completely, some of season 2 and all of season 4 completely. And I’m not totally happy with the number of caps I made previously (I always seem to miss as shot that I need now). So I might as well recap the whole series one last and final time. I’ve also been asked if I have any plans to cap Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and I hadn’t, but I’ve gotten enough requests to reconsider. I’m not really interested Hercules except for Lucy and Renee, and Ares and Aphrodite, so I’ve no idea but apparently the series either hasn’t been capped fully, or in bad quality. So I might step in there, if you can talk me over – I only own season 3 myself, but my local library has seasons 1-3 so I could get the first seasons from there, and assuming the disc work ok (they don’t always in the library because they’re so well used), I could cap at least seasons 1-3 once I finish some other capping projects of mine. Any takers???