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December 7, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on New Theme Site News

Got fed up with the old theme, so switched to new themes here, in the Crystal Fires gallery, Stargate gallery and Skeins Of Destiny.

October 10, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Slow Server Fansite News, Site News

I’m sorry for the slowness of several of my sites recently. It’s due to the server being busy because of so many busy sites. My host will be adding two new servers, and will move many sites from the current server to the new ones to ease server load. This should make all sites faster […]

August 17, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on New Server – Update 2 Fansite News, Site News

I’ve gone through the sites and,, and I’m making a list and once my hosts finished the migrations and asks to report problems, I’ll report these. The other sites seem to be ok but as always, please let me know if you run into problems!

August 15, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on New Server – Update Fansite News, Site News

It’s taken this long, but finally my sites are being migrated over to the new server as I write this ๐Ÿ™‚

August 10, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on New Server Fansite News, Site News

My host is upgrading to a more powerful server, and the sites will be migrated to the new server in the next several hours. There shouldn’t be any downtime, but if there is that’s the reason! Also, due to time zone differences they are doing this while it’s night here so I’ll be sleeping. If […]

April 28, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on SSL Activated Site News

I’ve activated SSL here and for the gallery ๐Ÿ™‚

March 12, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on All Sites Restored! Site News

Finished restoring The Vampire Diaries site which means all sites restored Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ Now I’m going to take a break for at least one week, or maybe even two, and not even think about sites and updates until I feel like I want to again!ย Pray that nothing breaks again any time soon and certainly not […]

March 8, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Star Trek & Xena Sites Restored Site News

As the subject says, Star Trek and Xena sites have been restored!   Now starting on The Vampire Diaries site…

March 1, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on More Problems Admin News, Fansite News, Site News

Several sites have been showing up with a 502 gateway error since sometime yesterday: I’ve notified my host. I’m also personally experiencing internet connection problems at home – my cable modem refuses to connect since day before yesterday, and I haven’t been able to get through […]

February 25, 2018   Ariane   Comments Off on Restored Site News

The following sites have been restored completely: – (except for the https – I have to ask my host about that) – http://www.jeri-ryan.net I’m working on the rest…