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October 23, 2012   Ariane   Comments Off on Star Trek Makes Yle News! Star Trek

I can’t bloody believe it! The one time I miss Yle’s Six O’clock news, Star Trek makes the news in Finland *headdesk* This is history, man! Namely, the Destination Star Trek convention in London and a brief interview with William Shatner. This is one of the very few times (the first? the only?) outside of […]

April 10, 2011   Ariane   Comments Off on Random Thoughts Star Trek, TV & Movie Thoughts

I’m liking my hiatus, and it will continue at least the end of this month… I’m even contemplating extending it to the end of May. Maybe. Star Trek TOS screencapping… I have capped ALL of Star Trek TOS 😀 And even uploaded almost all of it – only have The Original, Uncut, Unaired Version of […]