Here I’m writing some tutorials on capping HD and DVDs. This is just the way I do things and not the only way to do them. This site (not LJ, not Dreamwidth) will always have my most up-to-date version of the tutorials.

There are some Winrar tutorials at the bottom of the page.

If you just want quick and dirty capping, you can use either PowerDVD or WinDVD DVDs, both have HD enabled versions so if your computer is powerful enough you can cap HD with them. But I haven’t used either in years, because personally I’m not happy with the quality they produce.

All programs and instructions here are for Windows, I can’t help you if you have another operating system or a Mac. These instructions are very much a work in progress, and bound to change as programs/scripts/filters evolve.

Capping HD is now easier than ever – if you install first 4 components listed on the setup pages under Needed – HD and configure ffdshow correctly, then all you need to do is open the file in VirtualDub and cap as normal.

Capping Tutorials

  1. Setup: Progams, Scripts, Filters And Their Configuration, And How To Make a MKV
  2. Capping with VirtualDub
  3. How to open DVDs and MPEG2 transport streams in VirtualDub
  4. Outdated but might be useful with problematic files

Misc. Tips

  1. If you have a VC-1 in a wmv and it’s all pixelated in VirtualDub, use gdsmux (comes with Haali) to remux to mkv. Might work for other codecs than VC-1 too.