Capping With VirtualDub

I’m creating this page for just using VirtualDub for capping, because the capping itself is always the same regardless of file formats or which method one uses to open a file in VirtualDub.

These instructions apply to all the various versions of the program – VirtualDub, VirtualDupMPEG and VirtualDubMod.

1. Open your file in VirtualDub

2. Go to Video -> Framerate -> Decimate

Here you specify how many frames should be between caps. Ie. if you want a cap every 25 frames, put in 25. Rule of thumb: the smaller the number, the more caps you get. Click OK.

3. Go to File -> Export -> Image Sequence

Here you specify filename, file name suffix (depends on output format: jpg, bmp, png or targa), mininum number of digits in the file name: if you intent to take a hundred caps put in 3, but if you intend to make a thousand caps of one file, put in 4 and so on and so forth. That way all your caps get numbered sequentially, next is the directory to cap to and finally the output format.

I always cap jpgs and for DVD and HDTV 1280x720p caps I put the slide to 93-95, for HD 1920×1080 caps usually 80. This specifies the compression used.

4. When you’ve specified all to your satisfaction, click on OK. The capping will start immediately.

Depending on how powerful your machine is, what format you video is (HD takes longer) and how many caps you’re making, it can take anything from a few minutes to several hours.