How To Open h264 TS In VirtualDub

Stargate SG-1 HD episodes I’ve capped were in this format as are some of the Lost caps. They were captured from SkyOneHD.

This procedure is similar to Step 3. You need to have installed all the programs listed in Tutorial Index.

1. Open DGAVCIndex and before you do anything else, go to Audio-> uncheck “Audio Demux”. We aren’t going to be doing anything with the audio, so we don’t need it handled.

2. Now open your desired file by going to File-> Open and navigate to the folder you file is in and select it.

3. Next, go File-> Save Project and in the dialog that opens, type in the name you want. I always use the tv show name, ie. if I’m capping Stargate SG-1, I use stargate sg-1.dga

4. Now you’ll see DGAVCIndex indexing the file, you can monitor the progress by the sliding bar at the bottom, and towards the bottom of the Information window that popped up, when the run is complete, you will see “FINISHED” in the Status section.

The next step is the create an Avisynth script to server the episode/movie to VirtualDub.

1. Next we need to create the Avisynth script. Open Notepad.

2. Copy/paste the following into it or type your own locations. First we need to tell it to load DGAVCDecode.dll (full path to it) and then the file to open.

loadplugin(“C:\Program Files\dgavcdec106\DGAVCDecode.dll”)
AVCSource(“Stargate SG-1 h264.dga”,deblock=false)

and save it ie. as stargate sg-1 h264.avs

3. If everything necessary is present and correctly configured, you can now open stargate sg-1 h264.avs in VirtualDub and episode/movie will appear successfully (video only).

4. Cap as outlined in Capping with VirtualDub

To deinterlace or not?

To date, I’ve never had to deinterlace h264 TS files, whether they’re tv broadcasts or HD DVD/Bluray.